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I set up this page with the hope that some of my class mates in school and my course mates in campus found me here and contact me via email. However all visitors are welcome to read my stories and write to me via email so that we can get to know each other.

My Name : Abu Hassan Bin Saad
No body ever tell me who gave me my name. I believe it must be my father because in those time, it was very unlikely that a newly delivered mother would walk to government premises to register her baby's birth.

To me a name is very important. It has a very close relationship to a person's soul. There are persons who simply sleep and wouldn't be interrupt by any sound no matter how high the intensity. But they will wake up when their respective name is whispered to their ears.

My nick name: DotSolo
When I was born, my father registered my name as Abu Hassan. However somebody in the family dislike the name and call me Bahadot. As far as I remember, my brother and sisters used to call me DOT. I only knew my name is Abu Hassan on the first day I went to school.
I went through a miserable live. I used to work alone and considered to be a lonely person. That was how the SOLO get attached to my nick name.

My Education : Science
I obtain my degree in Science with education from Universiti Sains Malaysia, majoring in Physics and Mathematics. I continue my post graduate studies in Universiti Utara Malaysia and finished my Master in Information Technology on November 2002.

My profesion: Teaching
I am a teacher. I have been teaching for quite sometime. My core teaching subjects are Physics and Mathematics. My late mother always wanted me to be a teacher. I wish I had been an electronic engineer. Moreover, now I enjoy teaching very much though I don't realy satisfied with physical infrastructures provided to teachers and I dislike most of the clarical routines that teachers have to do. Now I have retired. My last service was in matriculation colledge as physics lecturer.

My Hobby: Electronic
Electronic is my hobby since I was in primary school. I did build some projects when I was in secondary school. Since my father's death, I did repaired electronic equipment for some money to support my family. My main intrest was in radio comunication. I did build small short range transmitters during my school days. And now I have class B amature radio licence with the callsign 9W2DOT (pronounce as "nine wiskey two delta oscar tanggo"). I am life time membership of the Malay Amature Radio Society of the north Paninsular Malaysia and Kota Star Amature Radio Club

My Email
You are welcome to send me emails. But please avoid yourself from using bad words. Your constructive criticism are wellcome and vary much appreciated.

My Family : Happy Family

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